India is famous for pooja & politics, not for science, anybody does new scientific inventions, he is punished, which justified my 40days inhuman imprisonment given by barbaric AGP government of Assam. Galelio was punished, we only remember Galelio as the biggest scientist in the world, but we don't remember who punished him. Same way, ministers who punished me, they are vanished from the society, nobody will remember them now and in future, & in 2009, ministers of the assam barbaric congress government who burnt my genomic laboratory for land grabbing & killed my beloved animals, will be vanished from the horizon, nature will give justice, and my name cannot be erased from the history as a scientist. -2009

Dr. DR Baruah Since 1970

Cardiac Surgeon, Scientist, Bio-engineer, Pioneer & Chief Cardio-pulmonary Xenotransplant Surgeon, Applied human genetic scientist & Genetic engineer, An inventor of Baruah siRNA- a biological weapon.

Born in Jagiyal, Nowgaon, Assam, India, completed his medical graduation in Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh, Assam and became the Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons & Physicians in Cardiac Surgery in 1978 from Royal College of Surgeons & Physicians, Glasgow, Scotland. After completion of General surgical training from Republic of Ireland, he became master in Cardiac surgery, carried out thousands of bypass surgeries & other critical cardiac surgeries.

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“Treatment available for Coronary artery disease, congenital heart diseases, diabetes,Baruah Syndrome, dilated cardiomyopathy, hypertension, autoimmune disease (Arthritis, SLE), HIV, genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, Moyamoya etc.”